L'viv opens its heart to everyone...

"Leo-Photo" page is a confession in passionate love to L'viv - Lion's city. This love is absolutely natural for the native citizens of L'viv as well as for the guests of the city who are warmly welcomed and waited for. L'viv opens its heart to everyone who wants to confess to him in love... 

"...Gray-haired L'viv! The capital of my dreams,
Epicenter of my joy and hope!
My heart bursts - I understand you
But, L'viv, you have to understand me a little. 

I came to you with admiration of a son
From the plains where Slavuta composes its legends
To have your desperate lion's heart
Shed a drop of power into my heart."

(Vasyl Symonenko, extract from the poem "Ukrainian Lion", 1962)

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